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Crossed Paths


though life will take us to and fro
while dancing all the way,
we find sometimes someone to know
and by them we will stay

a love, a spark, a needed help
to cherish and endure,
someone who keeps watch o'er yourself
in moments insecure

we dare not hope, we cannot know
how long these ones will stay,
but in our heart we hope to go
together on our way

and yet alas, how life does scorn
the dreams in hearts we keep,
we know sometimes we come to mourn
the future not to be

yet do not futures come and die
each moment of our life?
one cannot look o'er low or high
without some mortal strife

much better then ourselves to count
among the lucky ones,
that need not journey all around
while solely on our own

so if goodbye is come today
one thing i'll say is true
of all the folks, that crossed my way
i'm glad that i met you